Thank you all for you patience during the (unfortunately lengthy) transition period for the website. If I did it properly, most people will have a hard time picking out much that changed, but rest assured the reason it took so long was to ensure it was done right, not just done fast. A few highlights on how the new website can now better serve you:

  1. The Events sections sync with the front office calendar in real-time, so they’re always current
  2. Everything was rebuilt on professional-grade hardware in a enterprise-grade data-center in NYC, so there shouldn’t be any more random downtime/outages due to things being “at capacity”
  3. In addition to integrating with the calendar in the office, everything is now also integrated with the Facebook page to enable better/simpler management of information across all channels.
  4. More information/content now accompanies the sermons, such as the sermon title & outline, rather than simply having the service recording, date, and link to the bulletin.
  5. With all of the things fixed on the server/capacity front, we are now working to enable church staff to work on/publish to the website directly, and expect this to allow for far more content to be available here as a central location for “all things Haven” rather than the current fragmented assortment of things we have, where some are in emails, some on Facebook, and others exist as printouts in the foyer (mind you they can still exist all those other places, this just ensures there is one place that has everything, in addition to the others).


Expect further improvements/additions as we move into 2017, and as always, you can email the office if you have any questions or ideas regarding the website!